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Executive Leadership Institute (ELI)

The ME University® Executive Leadership Institute (ELI) offers a variety of Corporate & Executive Development Programs and Presetations for in-house corporate trainings, conferences, academic and faith institutions.  A detailed listing is outlined below.  Team ME can seamlessly create a custom-tailored curriculum to meet your organization’s needs.

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|  Expertize ME™ | The 6  Things You MUST Do to Monetize Brand YOU

Target Audience – Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders,  Authors, Experts

  • The 5 Components of An Expert Brand
  • Identifying Your REAL Brand Message & Unique Value Proposition
  • Touching (Not Just Targeting) Your Audience
  • Tailoring & Leveraging Your Expertise in the Marketplace
  • Strategic Brand Association to Fast Track Business Growth
  • Creating a Comprehensive 6-Step Brand Plan: Positioning, Speaking, Writing, PR, Joint Ventures, and Social Media

Branding | Reinvent ME™ | Brand Your Passion, Live Your Brilliance

Target Audience – Entrepreneurs, Executives, Women

  • Why Brilliance is the Foundation of Effective Branding
  • Understanding Why Image Really Does Begin with I
  • The 7 Benchmarks of a Brilliant Brand
  • The 3 Elements of Brand Association
  • Developing & Delivering an Invaluable Unique Value Proposition


Branding | Broadcast ME™ | Creative & Cost-Effective PR  & Social Media Strategies

Target Audience – Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders,  Authors, Experts

  • Cultivating Your Media Relevancy & Presence
  • The 5 Elements of a Perfect Pitch to the Media | Radio, TV, Web, and Print Outlets
  • Maximizing and Monetizing Interviews
  • Blogging & Guest Authoring
  • Monetizing Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs, eStores, and eNewsletters
  • Social Media Automation Strategies & Free Publicity Resources


Sales | Draft Day | Recruiting & Retaining Blue Chip Clients

Target Audience – Entrepreneurs, Industry Leaders,  Authors, Experts

Successful entrepreneurs continually grow their businesses by adding (and keeping!) new clients. In a competitive marketplace where consumers have a multitude of options, it is more important than ever to know how to recognize, recruit, and retain key client accounts.  Possessing talent, skill, education, or a quality product is not enough.

This presentation outlines essential client development and sales strategies including:

  • Creating an Irresistible Pitch
  • Strategic Communication & Relationship Building
  • Consumer Psychology
  • Expert Brand Integration
  • Equipped with the right performance strategies, participants learn to outsell, outmanage, outmotivate, outrecruit, outnegotiate, and outperform the competition!


Networking | Connect ME™ |  Master Networking as a Lifestyle

Marketplace success is not just about who you know.  It is about your ability to expand who you know by networking.  Plus, it is about how well you know who you know, and what the who you know says about you.  True networking is about quality, not quantity, based relationship filled with value. Participants will learn:

  • Contacts vs. Connections (Past | Present | Potential)
  • Getting an “A” for Posture – Approachability, Assertiveness, and Astuteness
  • The Four Phases of Effective Networking
  • Developing a Networking Mission Statement & Branding Strategy


Communication | Instant Impact | Power Presentation Strategies

The single-most important attribute influencing success in life and business is communication. Communication is more than just the exchange of information. It is a multidimensional pipeline that connects ideas, cultivates understanding, and creates productivity. During this dynamic and highly engaging presentation, Marshawn shares the secrets to becoming a standout speaker via the “V’s of Communication.” Attendees learn about:

  • Personal Communication Style
  • Strategic Information Sharing
  • Body Language Faux Paus
  • Critical Delivery Dynamics
  • Results-oriented Communication


Communication | He Said, She Said – Gender Differences in Leadership, Branding & Communication

When it comes to communication, branding, and leadership, men and women can be as different as night and day.  Understanding the myths and common tendencies will help participants assess and adjust their personal communication style.

  • Top 5 Gender Myths: Results vs. Relationships, Particulars vs. People, Competition vs. Cooperation, Initiation vs. Interaction and Signals, Signals, Signals
  • Branding Strategies for Women
  • Building Credibility, Confidence, and Competence
  • Emotional Intelligence & Self-Management


Peak Performance | Habitude (Attitude + Habit)

Target Audience – Corporations, Conferences, Human Resources, Leadership

The greatest waste is wasted potential. Lost productivity costs U.S. employers an estimated $544 billion each year.  HABITUDE™ is a nine-step proprietary peak performance module designed to help executives and professionals maximize individual & institutional efficiency. HABITUDE is a lifestyle. In order to have a lifestyle and corporate culture of effectives you must first “style your life” such that you & your organization are positioned for success.


The HABITUDE™ formula consists of three levels, which are the core principles of peak performance. Level One is Attitude.  Level Two is Habit. Level Three is Habitude. Within each level are three “phases of efficiency. ” This refreshing and insightful presentation teaches a revolutionary, systematic approach to business development, advancing goals, communication effectiveness, leadership, diversity, and interpersonal connectivity. Each of these learning objectives is key in establishing a corporation’s position in the marketplace and maximizing business growth from the inside out.

Diversity | Value Differences with Different Values

Target Audience – Corporations, Conferences, Human Resources

In a multicultural economy, there is a dire need to ensure the retention and promotion of diverse employees. Changing the corporate face requires you to face the changes necessary to cultivate a climate of inclusion that goes well-beyond hiring. Presentation covers marketing, product developments, community outreach, goal-setting, strategic department integration, mentoring, and overcoming inevitable obstacles as key diversity enhancement measures. Attendees learn about the Three Strategic “Asset Factors” (R3) necessary to improve recruitment, retention and readiness.

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