Diversity Branding Certification

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October 3, 2011 | Atlanta, GA (during the ME University 2011 Bootcamp)


The ME UNIVERSITY® EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP INSTITUTE (ELI) is designed to equip corporate professionals, senior management, and HR executives with the tools necessary to develop innovative leadership skills while learning about best practices in corporate identity, executive branding and small business capacity building.  The ELI Diversity Branding Certification seminar is a PRIVATE strategy session available to executives only.

Our certifications programs are invite-only.  Interested parties must apply for consideration.

Attendees will have an opportunity to network and mastermind with industry experts and share best practices.

Participants will receive a “Certification in Diversity Branding™” also known as a “Certified Diversity Branding Professional – CDPB™

WHO | Target Audience

While Days 1 & 2 of the ME University Bootcamp are focused on capacity building & brand strategy for small businesses & MWBEs, Day 3 is an invite-only day designed for diversity executives, managers, HR professionals, and leaders in the diversity or multicultural space.


WHAT | Session Topics

  • Expert Branding & Positioning: Serving as the Face of Diversity for a Corporation (5-Step Process)
  • Tight Ropes & Balancing Acts – The Challenges & Advantages on Personal Branding
  • ExecSpeak: The Importance of and Keys to Speaking on Big Stages
  • The Perfect Pitch: Working with the Media to Leverage Your Mission
  • It’s Right to Write: The Advantages of Being Published
  • Getting Credit – How to Measure and Maximize Success
  • Social Media Strategies for Diversity Professionals
  • Persuasive & Inclusive Communication Skills for Executives, Managers & Leaders
  • Creating Buy-in & Leveraging Resources
  • Making the Business Case for Diversity Internally & Externally

Please note that the above curriculum can be customized for the following:

  • Private Corporate Trainings & Retreats
  • Supply Chain Teams & Leadership
  • HR Managers
  • Workforce Diversity Managers
  • Supplier Diversity Directors and Leaders
  • Multicultural Marketing Teams
  • Employees & Executives
  • Leadership Development Programs for Emerging Talent, Middle Management & Senior Leadership (Advanced Track)

Contact Us today for more information about scheduling a certification training and customization.



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