Now, YOU can join Team ME

Are you called to help others……

  • maximize their potential,
  • live their purpose,
  • and pursue their passion?

If you answered, YES, then Marshawn Evans (aka “ME”) personally invites you to apply to JOIN Team ME as a ME Affiliate.

The ME Affiliate program is perfect for those looking to generate additional revenue while also helping others accomplish their life goals and professional endeavors.  It is very simple and easy to apply.  The only requirement is that you ethically and accurately market the ME Unlimited line of programs, events, products and services in line with our mission:


“To inspire others with a spirit of excellence to pursue their calling with purpose, passion, planning and persistence.”


If you are a first time affiliate or new entrepreneur, don’t worry.


ME’s philosophy is that success is about results, not years!  It is not about what you’ve done, it’s about what you’re willing to do.  You cannot win if you refuse to get in the game.  Team ME will provide you with plenty of resources, tips, and support. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO COST TO JOIN!


We have made this as easy as possible for YOU because we believe in YOU and want to support YOU in reaching your professional, financial, and entrepreneurial goals.  Start where you are.  Use what you have.  Trust ME.  You have E-V-E-R-Y-T-H-I-N-G it takes.


If this sounds like you, just click the Affiliate ME link below and join Team ME today.

FAQ :: About the Affiliate ME™ Program

Marshawn Evans is committed to providing life-enriching products, services, and events for motivated individuals, entrepreneurs, and professionals around the globe.

We have a number of online platforms that resonate (and sell!) VERY well with our site visitors. Team ME appreciates (and compensates) those who refer our programs.

Team ME launched the Affiliate ME Program to reward people just like YOU who refer friends, family, clients, lists, and others to our website.


What EXACTLY is the Affiliate ME™ Program?

Companies with an online presence often incorporate affiliate programs to assist in selling their products, programs, events and services.

It is FREE to join and all you have to do is apply.  The program creates a mutual-benefit for the company and the seller. In short, YOU (the seller) receive a commission, and our company receives a sale it may not have otherwise received.

Under the Affiliate ME™ Program, our company will pay you a commission on ALL eligible program sales, product sales, or event registrations purchased via your personalized affiliate rep link (you will receive your personalized link after your application is approved).


Do I Need Prior Experience?  How Can I Be Successful?

You do not need a massive email list, nor do you need past experience as a super-savvy internet marketing expert to join or to be successful.  Simply invite others to visit our website. Just point your personalized affiliate rep link directly to one of our products, programs, events or services, or you can direct them to register for our e-newsletter on our homepage.

We take care of the rest!


You can start promoting ME Unlimited® programs immediately and easily by….

  • sending a few emails (we will provide you with template)
  • posting information on a basic webpage (you can create your own for free)
  • blogging and/or writing reviews about our events, products, and services (you can keep it short & sweet)
  • sharing information on FREE social media outlets like TWITTER, FACEBOOK, LINKED IN, among others


Plus, we will provide you with the tools that you need, including…

  • sample emails
  • sample tweets
  • sample social media and status postings
  • sample banner images and graphics.

We are happy to answer questions and support you as you go.  We just ask that you be committed and consistent.  Again, there is NO cost to join.  You can begin and start earning today.  Click here for sample resources.



Affiliate ME™ Program Benefits:

  • You get 25% commission on every sale for commission-eligible products and events purchased through your personalized affiliate rep link.
  • You receive quick payments each month.
  • We send an instant e-mail alert after every sale.
  • You can track your sales 24/7 with private access to our secure affiliate account (our top-ranked shopping cart does the tracking automatically!).
  • Complete flexibility – you get to work when you want and earn as much as you want.  There is no income limit to how much revenue you can generate.
  • You get to affiliate with a highly reputable and reliable brand.


Who Can Become a Team ME Affiliate?

Anyone!  You must however employ ethical marketing practices.  That means no spam, nothing offensive, and nothing misleading.  We reserve the right to deactivate any affiliate at any time.  Affiliates are not employees of our company, but operate as completely independent contractors who agree to abide by our terms and conditions.


When & How Will I Be Compensated?

After a Team ME Affiliate earns just $75 or more, we pay out monthly via Paypal or business check.

  • For PRODUCTS, SERVICES, AND ONLINE PROGRAMS – All commissions will be paid no more than 60 days after the end of the month in which the customer (referred by you) purchased the product through your personalized affiliate rep link.
  • For LIVE EVENTS, we pay out 30 days after the event concludes via Paypal or a business check.
  • For INTERNATIONAL (non-U.S.) Affiliates, we ONLY make payments via Paypal.


Are there Any Restrictions:

  • No self-referrals (products purchased an affiliates on link) are allowed.   We will cancel any commissions derived from a sale that has the affiliates’ mailing address or name.
  • We are not responsible if you refer your affiliate link to others with online settings that prevent cookies necessary to give you affiliate credit.
  • We are not responsible if someone that you refer has already been contacted by another affiliate.
  • If a commission-eligible transaction is returned, refunded or canceled for any reason, we must also cancel and/or deduct your commission.



If you have questions, please write Team ME at  We will be happy to help you.  Please join FIRST as existing affiliates always receive priority.

Join TEAM ME Today!



Choose to Live without Limits,

Marshawn Evans & Team ME

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