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The “Power of Platform”

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Have you ever felt like . . .

There is more.

More that you are supposed to be doing.

More that you are designed to manifest in your life.

More people that you are supposed to reach…right now.

If you feel that way, then you’re right.  You see, I believe that you are created on purpose, with purpose, for purpose. As a result, your presence here on earth is an indication of a very significant, yet specific assignment . . . one designed just for you and you alone.


There is a message that only you have. No one else has your unique ability.  Your unique experience, talent, perspective, and approach to impacting their lives of others.  (I’m talking to you.)  As a result, there is an audience and massive community of individuals waiting (and needing) to hear the message that you have in your heart.


Whether you are a seasoned business owner, an aspiring entrepreneur, or just someone who is ready to stop sitting on your dreams…you’re in the right place!  You have a voice.  A very important one.  It is time that you learned how to give your voice the vision and victory plan it needs to thrive.


Too many think that they need to build an audience before they decide to truly own their voice.  I disagree.  That’s NOT how it works.  The key is to step forward first.  To give your voice permission to reverberate. It is only then that your audience can appear. For now, extend an invitation for them to find you and join you.


  • You knew how to clearly articulate your passion and purpose.
  • You had a compelling brand message that made you irresistible in the marketplace.
  • You knew exactly where your target audience is located.
  • Your target audience knew exactly where to find you.
  • You had a proven profitability plan for your passion – so that you can truly live your dream (not just dream about your life).
  • You were no longer the best kept secret in your industry or space.
  • Opportunities were coming your way in droves (and you could hand-pick the ones you wanted).


  • You had the support of a caring mentor who was dedicated to walk with you step-by-step in building your dream, expanding your brand, launching your influence.



Now, you’re probably thinking, “sure, Marshawn, that sounds great, but is that really possible for me and in my life?” You know what, I asked myself the same thing 6 years ago.  As a new attorney, fresh out of law school, I was sitting in my office on the 21st floor of one of the most prestigious law firms in the country.  I had an amazing view from window, yet I still could not see myself living this life.


I was paid very well, but I wasn’t doing what I loved.  I would get up at the crack of dawn, work into the evening, and then go to bed only to do it all over again.  There had to be more.  And, I was right.  There was more in store for me.  I learned a lot at that law firm and I will always be grateful for the privilege of that first “real” job.  However, I am more grateful for what I learned when I made the leap into my destiny.

The moment I made up my mind that I was going to live a full life, one marked by me positioning myself to pour into the lives of others – things started to happen.


It was not easy.  I decided to start a sports agency and days after I resigned from my law firm (I remember because my office supplies and “stuff” were still in the back of my car), I got word that my one BIG client lost all of their funding.  By funding, I mean they lost a $50 Million Dollar (yes, I said million) credit line, which meant that they had to cancel my contract as well.


I was terrified…but I could not stay in fear for long.  It was the best thing that happened to me.  It forced me to get serious about my dream and making it happen no matter what.  I didn’t have a plan B, so I was solely committed to plan A.


Here is what happened…


Within a week, after I made up mind that I was going to build my brand and launch my dream, I signed my first paying NFL client.  At the time, he was the highest paid defensive end in the NFL. From there, I went on to build one of the fastest growing woman-owned sports management and branding agencies in the country.

Not only was I getting endorsement deals for my clients, and national media exposure in outlets like Sports Illustrated and Fox Sports, I started doing commentary on ESPN.  But, it grew much bigger than sports.  I started doing regular commentary for other networks like CNN, Fox News, Fox Business Channel, and a variety of morning shows in cities across the country.


Now, I write as a paid contributor for several magazines like ESSENCE, PINK, UPSCALE, and Black Enterprise to name a few.




On the set of CNN in New York


Appearing on ESPN Sports Center

Fox Business Channel

On the set of Fox Business Channel

Everday Living

On the set of Everyday Living


On the set of The Big Idea on CNBC


On the set of WGN Chicago


Just one year after I left my law firm job, I was able to snag a big time literary agent and within months released my best-selling book, SKIRTS in the Boardroom. It was published by the largest business book publisher in the world (John Wiley & Sons).  Hey, I was blown (and humbled) away by this.  I was barely 27 years old.  It was the first time Wiley had ever published a business book with an African-American female under the age of 30.  So, here I am, a first time author, with a life-long dream to write a book, and not only did it get published…it ended up being named “Best Book of the Year” by EEW Magazine, and it landed #1 on Amazon.com in the Women & Business category multiple times.  (Oh, and I received a nice cash advance, too!)


From there, I’ve toured all around the world promoting my book, speaking at corporations, and presenting at conferences around the globe. I’ve been able to speak in Africa (three times in the last two years), Mexico, Ireland and Austria. I no longer run my sports agency because I decided to focus solely on helping people launch their lives.  That is an even bigger dream that I’ve had.  Because I have been blessed with the resources and tools to build a platform, those dreams become a bigger and bigger reality every single day.


I love being an international speaker, TV personality, and an author.  I love having a thriving corporate consulting practice where I get to work (every day) with companies like HP, Delta Air Lines, Office Depot, Home Depot, Ernst & Young, Rolls Royce Motor Cars, Nike, Boeing, Tiffany & Company, and Gatorade (just to name a FEW).  Each of these companies hired me to help them elevate their brand and influence to another dimension.


Now…it’s YOUR turn.


What I love most is being a mind-shifter.  A motivator.  A mover.  And, a mentor.  I recognize that none of these things just happen.  I made a lot of mistakes, wasted a lot of time, and trusted many of the wrong people.  But because of all of that, I know exactly what it takes to build a dynamic, multi-faceted platform….one that is full of purpose, passion and profit.

If you’re not currently where YOU want to be, please know that I’ve been where you are.


It can be lonely, discouraging and frustrating, but it does NOT have to be that way.  First you have to make up your mind (just like I did).  Decide today that your dreams are valuable and worth living to the fullest….most importantly that it is time that you do something about it!

Welcome to Accelerate

Maybe you’ve been struggling to grow your brand, or maybe you haven’t started just yet but you’re ready to now.  If you’ve been searching for a Marketplace & Mindshift Mentor, someone who can help you unleash your purpose AND help you find a focused path, you might be ready to apply to join ACCELERATE™ — my newest, and most intensive mastermind.


ACCELERATE is your unique and rare opportunity to work closely with me as one of the world’s foremost experts on peak performance, branding and unleashing your inner brilliance.  I’ve worked with celebrities, superstar athletes in the NFL, NBA & WNBA, business owners, and some of the largest corporations on the planet.


Now…it’s YOUR turn.  It’s your TIME to release everything and anything holding you back so that you can receive and reap what’s waiting for you just around the corner.  It’s time to unleash your purpose, expand your potential, and build a dynamic & wildly irresistible brand platform.


It’s time for you to be who were always designed to become.

I’ve created ACCELERATE to help you get to where you have been dreaming to be.  It is a 10-month, intensive mentoring mastermind.  You’ll have the incredibly rare opportunity to have me work with you in a focused, small group setting designed to catapult the vision for your life, your dream, your business, and your brand.  The goal is to truly “accelerate” your brand in a way that moves your dreams forward, farther and faster.


Because I only have 10 seats available, I’m looking for a very specific type of person.  This program was designed for women, but motivated men may apply as well – as long as you know there will be tons of lipstick in the mix!

Don’t Just Take My Word For It…

“Marshawn’s strategies have TRANSFORMED my approach to branding and business!”

- WNBA Star & International Women’s Basketball Icon

Marshawn has been instrumental in showing me how to become a successful business woman after basketball. Her unique business acumen has TREMENDOUSLY helped me connect with her network with successful entrepreneurs and continue to elevate my profile as an all-around brand!

Kiesha Brown, WNBA Player, International Professional Athlete, Financial Literacy Advocate, and Model



“IF you want to be the best in business, attending ‘ME University’ is an absolute must.”

- Winner, The Apprentice Season 4 | Best-Selling Author

“To be the best, you must learn from the best. Ever since I met Marshawn, I have come to know what you will learn from her comprehensive bootcamp: there is no one who combines business acumen with warmth and style better than Marshawn. In fact, that’s exactly why I chose her to join my winning team for The Apprentice finale and I will forever be grateful.”

Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, Entrepreneur, Speaker and Author of Black Faces in White Places


“Marshawn’s insight is OUTSTANDING! There is a reason why she appears on ESPN!”

- TV Host & Media Personality – ESPN

Marshawn is as sharp as they come. I respect her ideas and insight. Plus, she has worked with some of the country’s top pro athletes and built her business in an incredibly short period of time. She knows how to build brands and get her clients placed in the media. In fact the producers at ESPN now call on her to regularly provide image commentary. She has been a FANTASTIC asset. Simply stated, I am more than impressed.

James Mike Hill, ESPN Host and President, Thrill of Sports & Entertainment

She will deliver on her promise to take your business and your brand to the next level!

- Renowned Life Coach & Best-Selling Author

Having called Marshawn Evans a personal friend for more than a decade, I endorse her wholeheartedly not just because of her business and marketing savvy, but because I trust her character. When you invest in a ME Unlimited event, you make a solid investment in the future of your business.”

Valorie Burton, Bestselling author of What’s Really Holding You Back? and How Did I Get So Busy?

Note that ACCELERATE is not for everyone.  It is for you if . . . .

You’re not making the type of money that will enable you to have the life you desire to live
You’re tired of your job (you might be good at it, but it’s not your dream or your destiny)
You’re tired of being the best kept secret in your industry
You know in your heart that there is so much more that you are supposed to accomplish in this world (and you’re not really doing it now)
You’re tired of trying to do everything on your own
You’ve hit a wall as far as taking your business further
You’re ready to commit your life to fulling your purpose in a bigger and higher way
You’re serious about creating a financial legacy for you and your family
You know you have a message but you’re not clear on how to shape it and share it
You realize that if you had a platform, opportunities would come along far easier than they do right now.  You know that if you FINALLY branded yourself, you could grow your business and your dream.


And, you know that if you FINALLY branded yourself, you could properly nurture your dream, grow your business and live your brilliance.


If you meet the requirements above, ACCELERATE™ may be an excellent fit for you. Whether you’re seeking to transition from Corporate America into full-time entrepreneurship, recently launched a business or you’re a veteran business owner seeking advanced strategies to further grow your enterprise, the customized curriculum in ACCELERATE™ is designed for your specific needs. This is not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits all program.


Accelerate is for dreamers that are ready to become doers. 

An Overview about The Program

ACCELERATE™ is designed for a small, highly-focused group of entrepreneurs who are looking for the ultimate level of support and comprehensive brand strategy. This is the first time that I have ever offered this degree of personalized attention, coaching, and mentoring for those looking to expand their influence and live their calling at a higher level. Why?


While each of us has a unique calling, purpose and mission-based message, we’re never really taught how to build a platform – one that enables our message to be heard so that we can have a greater impact.


I understand that in order for entrepreneurs (and passionate dreamers) to thrive in the marketplace like never before, you need access to unprecedented resources, advanced coaching, strategies, blueprints and support to help them get to the next level.


The meticulous, step-by-step curriculum in ACCELERATE™ occurs through a series of LIVE retreats, coaching sessions, and advanced teleseminars with me and my team of brilliant professionals. The events, seminars, personalized coaching sessions, strategic module training, “Fast-Track ME” Insider Strategy” checklists & documents, private online community forums and access to my personal network and brand resources are EXCLUSIVE to members of the ACCELERATE™ Mastermind.


This your chance to be a handful of entrepreneurs selected for a one-of-a-kind experience to fast-track your business to the next level. I’m ready to enhance your marketability, increase your moxie, and upgrade your business from ordinary to extraordinary . . . . quicker.

Membership Privileges of ACCELERATE™


  • Four Hours of Strategy Sessions via Phone with Marshawn — These strategy sessions are premium (and extremely rare) opportunities to work directly with Marshawn on your brand, your goals and overcoming obstacles.


  • A LIVE 2 -day Brainshare & Branding Retreat with Marshawn — The LIVE retreat offers a chance to mastermind LIVE with members of ACCELERATE while also receiving specialized training and coaching on new topics.


  • 10 Intensive Strategic Mastermind Modules & Teleclasses — Each brand strategy module will provide you with a solid blueprint to grow your business and increase profitability in a variety of different ways. Topics will range from expert positioning, visual branding, securing media exposure, sponsorships, becoming a published author, social media, producing profitable products and more.


  • 10 Live Q&A Follow‐up “Pow‐Wow” Sessions – Each module & teleclass will be followed by a Q&A Session that will give you an opportunity to ask specific questions and receive answers tailored to your circumstances.


  • PDF Transcripts of Each Mastermind Module & Teleclass – You can download PDF transcripts following each module. Each ACCELERATE™ Transcript will become a priceless addition to your success library, giving you the flexibility to re-read over each session, make highlights and review the content as often as you wish.


  • Exclusive Access to MP3 Recordings of All Mastermind Modules – Each module & strategy session will be recorded. As a member, you have the exclusive right to listen to online or you may also opt to download the recording and play it back later on your MP3 player. These recordings are yours to keep and reference forever.


  • “Fast-Track ME” Insider Strategy Documents , Checklists & Worksheets – Each month, Team ME will send you a  “Fast–‐Track” strategy document ranging from sample contracts, worksheets, media kits, brand analysis forms, planning guides, checklists, flow charts, profitability plans and much, much more. These are the same ones used by Team ME.


  • On-Going Support in the Private Members-Only Online Forum – Your brand and business will expand tremendously as you mastermind, share ideas, strategize and network regularly with members of ACCELERATE™. The group is committed to collective progress, motivation, implementation and accountability. Entrepreneurs thrive best when surrounded by a like-minded group of people in a mastermind setting.


  • Marshawn’s Personal Network & Brand Resources -  For the first time and exclusively to ACCELERATE™ members only,  Marshawn will reveal her prized Rolodex of personal network contacts and brand resources. This alone is priceless as you will be shown exactly how you can accomplish your goals by connecting you to the proper resources.

The Curriculum & Learning Modules for ACCELERATE™

Module 1: Branding

Branding is the most valuable skill in the marketplace.  In this Module, ACCELERATE™ Members will learn how to…

  • Avoid the top mistakes entrepreneurs commit when branding

  • Develop a brand that attracts new business and opportunities…fast!

  • Coaching on Expert Positioning, Brand Messaging and Niche Audience Marketing

  • Identify Your Ideal Client & Your Profitable Brand Message


Module 2: Business (re)Plan

Leverage and profitability are two key components critical for your success.  In this module, you will…

  • Learn the fundamental and advanced strategies necessary to enjoy a profitable brand

  • How to build a brand model that leverages your expertise, know-how, and advice


  • Receive an audit of your current business and “reinvent” your business plan via our proprietary Business (re)Plan.

  • Identify any holes in your revenue streams and isolate opportunities to increase profits.


Module 3: Speaking Professionally



Speaking professionally, when added to your business model is a the MOST powerful branding tactic in the world to skyrocket your income. Even if you never thought about speaking professionally to enhance your brand and profitability, this module will be eye-opening as to what money and opportunities are being left on the table without speaking as one of the components of your brand.  In this module you will learn how to…

  • Build a speaker platform & niche your brand message for audiences

  • Set and negotiate your speaking fees

  • Cultivate relationships with Speakers Bureaus

  • Create an Irresistible Media Booking Kit to secure speaking engagements right away.


Module 4: Media & Exposure

The media is a key asset in growing any business in this economy.  You’ll learn how to…

  • Build relationships with mainstream media outlets, producers, executives, and the TOP social media experts.


  • Monetize media appearances and strategic interview techniques


  • Craft the perfect pitch for your expertise


  • Create a long-term media strategy that will maximize your message


Module 5: Publishing & Book Proposals



Becoming published gives you instant authority as a thought leader.  Plus, it gives you media relevance.  You will learn how to…

  • Create an Irresistible Book Proposal in 30 to 60 days


  • How to write Query Letters

  • The process for securing Literary Agents

  • Navigate step-by-step through the Publishing Process


Module 6: Social Media & Digital Branding

Image really is everything. A strong image builds confidence in your brand and your message.  You will learn the fundamentals of…

  • Visual Branding

  • Web Optimization

  • Monetizing Social Media

  • Email Marketing Techniques & Infrastructure


Module 7: Sales & Business Development

Profitability is a product of learning how to attract more clients and opportunities.  In this module you will learn…

  • How to attract your Ideal Client

  • Sales Psychology

  • How to present an Irresistible Offer

  • How to Close Deals & Network your Brand


Module 8: Communication

Developing impeccable communication skills is critical to connecting with and expanding your audience.  In this module you will learn…

  • Powerful Presentation Skills

  • Your Unique Communication Style

  • How to Build Rapport

  • Persuasive Communication & How to Sell without Selling


Module 9: Corporate Sponsorships


Having corporate partners to sponsor your projects, events, and programs is a tremendous asset in expanding your mission and enhancing your exposure.  You will learn how to….

  • Cultivate Corporate Relationships

  • Create Winning Sponsorship Proposals

  • Determine Your Unique Partnership Proposition

  • Develop a Comprehensive Sponsorship & Partnership Plan for Your Business & Brand


Module 10: Contracts & Intellectual Property


Protecting your brand is just as important as growing your brand.  In this module you will learn about…

  • Trademarks

  • Copyrights

  • Contract Negotiation & Partnership Agreements



PLUS, ACCELERATE™ Members Enjoy Exclusive Bonuses & Membership Benefits

BONUS 1: Access to All Silver Tier Calls of the ME University INNER CIRCLE Mentoring Mastermind (a $564 value!)

Complimentary Admission to the Silver Tier “ACCESS” Calls: You will have full membership in the Silver Tier of the INNER CIRCLE Mentoring Mastermind, which is a monthly LIVE strategy call with Marshawn. Topics range from branding, empowerment, networking, and more. You will receive the added benefit of receiving the monthly MP3 audio download, home study worksheets, writing assignments and scriptural reflections.

bullet Bonus 2: VIP Entry, Seating, Networking & Stage Spotlight at the ME University 2012 (a $2495 value!)


Complimentary VIP Entry and Seating at the 2012 ME University Business & Branding Bootcamp: You will have a guaranteed VIP seat at the 2012 ME University Business & Branding Bootcamp. You will also be among a small, hand‐selected group of members that will get to share their successes and growth at the LIVE event in 2012. Very few get on the main stage at ME University® –‐ the exposure is priceless.

bullet Bonus 3: Member Discounts

Exclusive Member Discounts: ACCELERATE™ members receive 20% off products in the ME University® Success store at MEUniversityLive.com and on MarshawnEvans.com.

Hear What People Are Saying…



Yes, Marshawn.  I Am Ready to ACCELERATE.™

I’m Looking Forward to . . .


  • A unique, intensive brand-development business and coaching mastermind program to ensure you reach your personal and business goals


  • Personalized 1-on-1 mentoring, advanced coaching, ongoing support and feedback specific to your business plans, projects and ventures


  • A step-by-step detailed Branding Blueprint, an immediate and sustainable Profitability Plan and “Fast-Track ME” Insider Strategy Documents with proven business shortcuts and methods


  • 10 Intensive, Strategic Mastermind Modules PLUS 1-on-1 strategy tele-sessions with Marshawn and group tele-coaching sessions with LIVE Q&A


  • Ongoing support in the private, Members-Only Online Community for additional masterminding and accountability


  • A LIVE 2-day Brainshare & Branding retreat  to deep-dive into comprehensive brand strategies with Marshawn and a like-minded group of women entrepreneurs


  • Access to Marshawn’s unparalleled  personal network and brand resources


  • Exclusive bonuses and privileges


This Program is Perfect For ME Because…

  • I am are confident that Marshawn and her expert team is an excellent fit to help me go forward, farther and faster in 2012.


  • I am ready to receive a detailed, customized blueprint and personalized coaching to activate a profitable business.


  • I am seeking premium information and is ready, willing and able to make the investment in my brand via a high-level mastermind program.


  • I understand the cost and disadvantage of NOT acting and do not wish to lose any additional time in growing my business.


  • I am self-motivated and committed to quickly implementing what I will learn in this high-level program


  • I am open to honest feedback about my business, brand and/or career.


  • I desire to operate on a much higher level and give myself permission to live my purpose & dream in the marketplace.

The Premier Profitable Brand Strategy Resource